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Hi! Welcome to Ken's World!

First, a little about myself --

I'm a 40-something year old single male with brown hair and blue eyes, basically housebroken, who loves reading, computers and martial arts. I enjoy science fiction (Trekkers forever!) and fantasy, and perhaps one day I'll grow up (but don't place any bets on that one).  I'm a graduate from Cajun country...Kaplan High, Kaplan, LA 1970.  My hobbies are: Aircraft, aviation, computers, martial arts, and reading sci-fi and fantasy.

I hold a 6th-Degree Black Belt in Isshinryu Karate under Master Harvey Kennedy. I've also received training under Master Ed Johnson and Master Ken Green. Select the Isshinryu button on the left to get descriptions and links to some Isshinryu pages I've put together. The pages include the Isshinryu geneology of my instructors, myself, and those students I've promoted to black belt over the years; my karate "resume"; information on Isshinryu kata; pictures of several Isshinryu masters; and finally, an opinion page where I occasionally publish letters or email that have been sent to me. Please feel free to send something for publication. It can remain anonymous at your request.

I'm currently licensed as a nursing facility administrator in Louisiana and Texas. I hold a BS degree in Liberal Arts from Regents College. My mentors in nursing home administration were Reggie Harvey and Richard Anderson. 

The Links button on the left takes you to my page of miscellaneous links for Computers, Karate, Babylon 5, Sci-fi, Star Trek, and whatever else I come up with, and changes often. 

As with most pages, this one stays forever under construction.  Thanks for stopping by. I hope you found something useful and will check back often to see what's been added. 

email: ken.richardson@krrichardson.freeservers.com
ICQ id:  5665309


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