Karate Resume: Ken R. Richardson

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Isshinryu Rank History:

Other styles:

Teaching Career:

1974 Began Longview Isshinryu Karate School, 420 North Green Street, Longview, TX

* Helped establish SFA University Martial Arts Club with Don Brown
* Began classes at Longview YMCA as a satellite school.
* Taught 3 six-week courses in Karate for credit at Hallsville High School, Hallsville, TX

1977 - 1984 Taught accredited classes in Karate at Kilgore Jr. College, Kilgore, TX.

1978 Moved main school's location to Pine Street location in Longview.

* Began instruction for Tyler Parks and Recreation. ·
* Began teaching accredited classes at both Tyler Jr. College and Henderson County Jr. College (1981-1988).
* Taught for Kilgore Parks and Recreation., Kilgore, TX

* Opened up commercial location in Tyler, TX.,
* Texas State Representative for UIKA
* Received Outstanding School award for Texas in USKA.

1985 Trained Texas State Guard

* Trained Texas National Guard, Tyler, TX
* Taught 1 semester accredited course at Panola Jr. College, Carthage, TX.

1991 Taught 2 six week accredited Phys. Ed classes in Karate at Robert E. Lee High School and John Tyler High School, Tyler, TX.

1993 - 1996 Owned and operated Karate USA in Tyler, TX.

Police Training
* Trained original SWAT team and Special Operations Squad for Longview Police Department and Gregg Ct. Sheriff's Dept.
* Taught class for Kilgore Police Academy, Kilgore, TX., in special tactics.
* Taught class at Dangerfield Police Dept in Baton and Restraint techniques.

Other events and awards:

1978-1991 Hosted USKA East Texas Karate Championships

* Ranked 13th in nation in Weapons Competition in USKA
* Received honor of Top 10 Coaches in Nation by USKA
* Texas Ast. State Representative, USKA.

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