Isshinryu Kata Information
Isshinryu karate is a combination of two other karate styles - Goju-ryu and Shorin-ryu.  Of the 8 empty hand kata in Isshinryu, 7 were adopted from these two styles.  There is only one Isshinryu kata, which is a combination of basics and moves from the other kata.  Along with the empty hand kata, Isshinryu also has 5 weapons kata that are taught to the student.  Listed in the charts below are these 13 kata, and some basic information about each.


Empty Hand:

  Kata Style Nicknames Teaches Translation Misc. Information
Naihanchin Shorin-ryu toes in kata; wall kata;
rice paddy kata
close-in fighting; defends
against opponents on 
both sides
hands of Naha; fighting
style of Naha
Port city in Okinawa
Wansu Shorin-ryu hidden fist kata; 
dumping form
avoidance (o-uchi); knee
man's name; Chinese
Seisan Shorin-ryu half-moon kata firepower; mobility; maneuverability; 3rd breathing form; "13" 5 stances:  front seisan, 
side seisan, cross stance,
cat stance; sheiko
Seiuchin Goju-ryu none stability breathing conflicts  
Sanchin Goju-ryu none Mu Shin (no mind) or to
reflect the situation;
Ibuki breathing (lower abdominal)
3 conflicts:  mental, breathing, and physical  
Chinto Shorin-ryu crane form 45 degree fighting; pivots man's name Legend of a Chinese sailor
Ku San Ku Shorin-ryu to look at the sky deception, silhouetting, night fighting man's name Other names: Ku Wan Ku,
Ku Shan Ku
Sunsu Isshin-ryu Master Shimabuku's
Isshinryu basics from the other kata strong man; "living rock" This is the only Isshinryu kata.


  Kata Teaches Misc. Information
Tokumeni No Kun bo basics proper name for the bo:
rokushakabo (6 foot stick)
Urashi Bo blocking from the left side  
Shishi No Kun deceptive strikes  
Kusanku Sai sai basics  
Chatan-Yara No Sai    
Homaheiga No Tuifa tonfa basics  


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